Spiritual Gifts

The Bible talks extensively about Christ-followers coming together to form the Body of Christ. Much of this “Body Language” is intentionally used to describe how God brings together a diverse set of personalities and abilities in unity as a means to mobilize his gospel mission in the world. In this E4 Study, we’ll discover the unique variety of spiritual gifts present in the church, unpack how they can function in a healthy way, and see how we become an accurate representation of Jesus to the world.


We discuss how loving Jesus and following Him results in participating in His mission and we identify the importance of healthy and fully-functioning spiritual gifts in the Body of Christ. We’ll also discover why studying the spiritual gifts really matters in terms of getting each of us “plugged in” to our unique role in the church.


Using spiritual gifts can come from any number of different motivations. We begin to look at the biblical teaching on the real reasons for the exercise of our gifts in the Body of Christ before further unpacking each gift in the sessions that follow.


We explore the gifts of Administration, Knowledge and Mercy, taking a look at how they operate in an individual and are employed in the ministry of the church.


We highlight the gifts of Wisdom, Apostleship and Giving, discovering some practical ways they function to support and serve the Body.

SESSION 5: Discernment, Evangelism, & Leadership

The gifts of Discernment, Evangelism and Leadership are tremendous assets to the Body of Christ. We peer into the Bible’s teaching on their importance and illustrate some common signs of having these gifts.

SESSION 6: THE MORE miraculous gifts

Because of their peculiar nature, the miraculous gifts are often either neglected or abused, which can make it difficult to hold a healthy perspective. We take a few moments to clarify the various views on the miraculous gifts and provide the necessary biblical basis for their function in the church.

SESSION 7: Prophecy, Tongues, & Interpretation

We dive into a biblical exposition of the miraculous gifts of Prophecy, Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues. The goal is to provide a healthy perspective on the role of these gifts in the church and specifically identify the “why” and “when” of their exercise.

SESSION 8: Helps, Healing, Miracles, & Faith

Like the other gifts, Helps, Healing, Miracles and Faith provide a distinct and rich contribution to the ministry of Jesus through the Holy Spirit’s work in the church. We show how the Bible informs the implementation of these gifts in the Body of Christ today.

SESSION 9: Encouragement, Shepherding, & Teaching

Encouragement, Shepherding (Pastoring) and Teaching are important for the idea of the edification, or the “building up,” of the church. We learn how possessing these gifts truly contributes to service in the church and reveals vividly Jesus’ own loving affection for His followers.


We close out our study on the spiritual gifts by discussing three primary considerations we should keep in mind as we get actively involved in serving in the local church.