Thank you for your interest in visiting the Job Opportunities page of our website! As you look over the various positions available at Grace Church, our desire is for you to understand as much as possible, prior to submitting your resume, what it means to be on the staff team. Therefore, please consider familiarizing yourself with Grace Church by engaging in the following ways.

1.  Explore the website.  Understand what Know It, Live It, and Give It Away is about.

2.  Check out our Beliefs and Values at Grace Church.

3. Watch the introductory video from our Senior Pastor.

This will give you a better understanding of Grace Church and if this is a place that you could whole-heartedly support with your time and energy.

Please note that when an opening is listed under a specific Campus, being a faithful and committed attendee of that Campus is required prior to hiring.    

If all this works for you, great!  We look forward to receiving your resume. 

shared campuses


Ministry Area:  Administration

Time commitment 20-25 hrs per week, part-time hourly, non-exempt status

Reports to:   Jim Margida, Director of Administration 

Position Overview:  The purpose of this role is to perform Executive Administrative support for the Director of Administration and to help support the Administration Office of all campuses of Grace Church. These responsibilities include managing schedules, arranging meetings, and small project management.


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Bath Campus


Ministry Area:  Collective

Time commitment  10 – 15 hours per week, part-time hourly, non-exempt status

Reports to:   Josiah Bogue, Resident for Collective Ministry

Position Overview:  As part of the Collective Team of the Bath Campus, this ministry position is designed to effectively serve the ministries of Grace Church by executing administrative tasks that lead the people of Grace in a growing journey with Christ, giving support to the leadership and to the Collective ministry area.  While this position reports directly to the Collective Resident, oversight will be given by the Lead Pastor of Family Ministry. 

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Ministry Area:  Communications

Time commitment  40 hours per week, full-time salary, exempt status

Reports to:   Leigh Ann Hradil, Director of Operations

Position Overview:   This position will develop graphics and visual communication pieces for Grace Church events at the Bath Campus. The role includes working with other departments to equip them for effective communications as well as building volunteer teams.

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Barberton Campus


Ministry Area:  Children’s

Time commitment  15 hours per week, part-time salary, non-exempt status

Reports to:  Joel Gregory, Campus Pastor

Position Overview:  This position works to implement the vision of Grace Church through developing teams and ministries for Power Kids (birth-5th grade) as well as to provide ministry support to the Barberton Campus.

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